Top 5 Scary Fortnite Fan Theories You Won't Believe. (Part2)

Top 5 Scary Fortnite Fan Theories You Won't Believe. (Part2)

Introduction- If I play fortnite constantly for 2 weeks, that means I played Fortnite for a fortnight. Did someone do that? Is that why the black hole formed? Greetings gamers welcome back to top yotrickslog, I'm your Rahul Srivastav and while we all have our own opinions about fortnite, we have to admit it does a wonderful job with storytelling [and making BANK]. But with an intricate story comes a whole load of theory fodder, and while the game is currently on the blackout, we figure we'd bring these theories to light with today's list of the Top 10 Scary Fortnite Fan Theories. A team of really awesome people. Okay, enough of this let's get going. Roll the intro.

#1. Kevin the evil cube.

Kevin the evil cube The season 5 week 10 secret loading screen involved Brite Bomber staring at her reflection in a purple floating cube that made her look twisted and kind of insane. While this is an interesting image to look at, why is it happening? Perhaps this cube *to which some fans endearingly call Kevin* is actually evil and wants to corrupt every character and assimilate them into a weird twisted army. This screen led fans to believe that fortnite season 6 would have had the map transformed into a dark, spooky alternative to the original. Similar to the upside-down from stranger things. While this may not have been true it was certainly an interesting theory. Kevin was brought to the map by the enforcer and absorbed into loot lake and made it bouncy, so unless it wants to trap kids in a scary Thanos bounce house, there wasn't really anything sinister going on.

#2. The black.

The black hole everything will be a dream Coming from a very underrated Reddit page, this theory states that everything and everyone we knew from seasons 1-10 of fortnite is dead, and there is no getting them back. However, while this would be a wonderful thing to some, Epic makes an actual boatload off this game so there is no way in hell that it's gone for good. The prevailing theory is that this event is ending on Tuesday at 6 am, but what happens when everything comes back? This Redditor believes that no matter what appears when we resume with Fortnite Chapter 2, it will all be a dream. Perhaps a shared dream amongst all the character while they are waiting to go to hell or heaven. The season after this could have 2 maps chosen randomly for either hell or heaven and that would definitely shake things up. But things are still very unclear, and while this mystery will be solved this coming Tuesday, will it really be what it appears to be?

#3. The Games are Time loops

The Games are Time loops Some of you may remember the Visitor, he showed up with the rifts and had left audio recordings presented as tapes, describing his attempts to fix a loop in time and prevent a singularity. Well, what if he never fixed the time loop? It could explain a lot, why you keep going back to your favorite spot every round even though you just died. What about respawning? How could that work if you're supposed to die? Maybe the Visitor never was able to fix the time loop and now the whole world is stuck in a groundhog day like scenario. We obviously wouldn't know that, because the game plays in such a way that would make it unnoticeable if that was the case. However, maybe the visitor appeared because the game was alway in a time loop, the storm that closes in could be the world collapsing around you since the spice-time continuum would be absolutely ruined. Maybe nothing we know is real anymore.

#4. The Game Takes Place on Venus

The Game Takes Place on Venus (predicting the future?) While fortnite doesn't take place on our world, clearly. Unless I've missed every single purple storm where the rain burns and shocks you. But where could it take place? One prevailing theory seems to be that the game of Fortnite takes place on Venus. Due to the map being similar to that of land on venus, the fact that Venus rains acid, which would cause similar damage to the storms we see in-game, and the gravity is not perfectly similar to earth. Now if this is the case you ask, why is this scary? And why is it scary enough to be at #2? Well, what if the game has just predicted the future? We just saw the world of fortnite be sucked up by a blackhole hell, even the menus got sucked up. If fortnite really does take place on venus what if this is what venus has coming to it, and EPIC is trying to warn us? We have absolutely no way of fighting a black hole, we cant just run inside it and restore the consciousness of a guy to stop it, no. We're stuck, helpless as a black hole swallows out solar system. Nasa better keeps an eye on venus, things may only get worse.

#5. A secret cult.

A secret cult? If you were to go north of the Wailing Woods and northeast of Tomato Town, you'd notice a strange arrangement of chairs, all facing a scarecrow, all on dirt. While this may not be the oddest detail, everywhere around this location is grassy and lush. So why would this circle, in the middle of nowhere be just dirt? It's like how in movies after a satanic ritual is done the grass around the location used to do the magic dies or gets burnt. To make matters worse, the teddy bear can appear here is well. There are 5 chairs here all pointing to the scarecrow as if he is their leader or they are praising him. If the teddy bear is one of the members of this cult, who are the other 4.

Final Words- There we have it, folks, the top 10 scary fortnite fan theories. I know some of these were older but what are we supposed to theorize about when literally everything related to the game is broken? So you get notified about when we upload. Thank you all so much for reading, I have been and shall remain Connor Munro, and ill see you in another article. Time to Read me screw up constantly.