Top 5 Scary Fortnite Fan Theories You Won't Believe. (Part1)

Top 10 Scary Fortnite Fan Theories You Won't Believe.

Introduction- If I play Fortnite constantly for 2 weeks, that means I played Fortnite for a fortnight. Did someone do that? Is that why the black hole formed? Greetings gamers welcome back to top yotrickslog, I'm your Rahul Srivastav and while we all have our own opinions about Fortnite, we have to admit it does a wonderful job with storytelling [and making BANK]. But with an intricate story comes a whole load of theory fodder, and while the game is currently on the blackout, we figure we'd bring these theories to light with today's list of the Top 10 Scary Fortnite Fan Theories. A team of really awesome people. Okay, enough of this let's get going. Roll the intro.

#1. Noobmaster69.

Noobmaster69 This is more of a personal theory of mine because it would just make things so much worse. I'm sure you all know about the Fortnite x Avengers collab that brought both Thanos into the game as well as some iconic weapons. However, this happened and then Fortnite appeared in Avengers Endgame in the hilarious scene with Thor yelling at a user called Noobmaster69 who was being mean to Korg. However, if Fortnite is canonical in the MCU, does that mean they had the Fortnite x avengers promotion? And if so, was noobmaster69 taunting Korg and Thor by using the Thanos skin? It would explain why thor isn't looking at the tv when yelling and why he gets so angry at him. The same way he does to bruce when he brings up Thanos.

#2. the protagonists.

It's all a movie One of the loading screens from Season 4 of Fortnite shows one of the protagonists, along with Omega enjoying tea together on a movie set. There is also a movie set near moisty mire. This screen leads many fans to believe that the story of Fortnite is just a big movie, like The Hunger Games, rather than being an actual battle royal. The villain's hideout is in the background for crying out loud! Like they were getting closer to the end of the movie. But then the black hole appeared. I mean it would be in a similar vein to an Avengers movie, with all these heroes teaming up to prevent an evil that in the ultimate twist ends up winning? And them leaving us in the dark about what happens next is like the gap between Infinity War and Endgame. There could be a whole season dedicated to battling in this black hole with the ultimate goal of getting out.

#3. Creepy Teddy Bear.

Creepy Teddy Bear Fortnite has, sorry, HAD a huge map. With plenty of locations where players could find easter eggs and little secrets. However there are numerous locations where players can find what looks to be a teddy bear, he appears on a tractor, and in what looks like a cult meeting (more on that later), and in a car or some other kind of vehicle. The weirdest part of this, even if it's a teddy bear that appears everywhere on the map, is that after seeing it for a few seconds the Teddy bear disappears. Nobody to my knowledge knows why this happens, or if the teddys are related or even the same one, but it's definitely something to consider odd in the game. Perhaps it gets moved due to remnants of rifts, or maybe Epic is trying to make the bear more popular so they can sell him as merch, tell me your theories about this mysterious bear in the comments below.

#4. The rifts were vampires.

The rifts were vampires While this may sound outlandish as hell, just hear me out okay? It's outlandish as hell. There isn't really much proof to this theory which makes it more of a Fortnite hypothesis, but that's not the point. The point is that while these rifts were visible in-game and when taking screenshots, but when you enter the replay tool to well, review a previous match. The rifts are nowhere to be seen. This has led a small portion of fans to speculate that maybe the rifts are actually vampires, and are trying to materialize so they can suck our blood. I mean, the replay camera is in a way a form of mirror right? Mirroring what you did in a previous round so I guess it could make sense. And I mean they had to freak Thanos in the game so is there really any way to rule it out? I mean they had a collab with Batman too, and batman has both fought Dracula and become a vampire so.

#5. It's Made by the Government.

It's Made by the Government If you thought the last one was plausible, you probably avoid all birds you see so the government won't have too much information on you. But this theory will show you that avoiding the bourgeoisie won't help you if you're playing Fortnite. So clearly the game is targeted towards kids right, bright colours, zany characters, a cartoony style and constant updates to help with shorter attention spans, if we can agree on this that means that Fortnire is targetting the future of our world. What is one of the main gameplay features in the game? Construction. What is an aspect that helps you win, makes the game fun, and is one of the more iconic things in the game? Construction. What job has unhappy workers that relate to this topic? Construction workers. Now, this doesn't go for all workers obviously but if the government, or more specifically Trump, wanted happy construction workers, they would program the minds of the young to enjoy the process using a medium they would enjoy. hence video games. The government wants you to be happy as a construction worker because it reminds you of your favourite game as a kid.

Final Words- There we have it, folks, the top 10 scary Fortnite fan theories. I know some of these were older but what are we supposed to theorize about when literally everything related to the game is broken? So you get notified about when we upload. Thank you all so much for reading, I have been and shall remain Connor Munro, and ill see you in another article. Time to Read me screw up constantly.