Top 5 Games You Never Knew (Not Released) Part-1

Top 5 Games You Never Knew (Not Released) Part-1

Welcome back gamers to, I'm your host Johnny Rogers. If you happen to be new here we post daily content on all things gaming, Make sure you stay all the way until the end of this one because you won't believe our number one spot. Plus leave us a comment down below with your favorite video game that you wish they made more of. Now without any further delay lets dive right into today's Article of the Top 10 Games You Never Knew Got Cancelled.

#1. Mega Man

Mega Man Universe Developed by Capcom for the Xbox live arcade and Playstation Network the game would have allowed players to create and customize their own levels and characters. A lot of the structure for the game was based on Mega Man 2 and began production in March of 2010. It essentially was Mario Maker before Mario Maker. This at first was an exciting concept for fans of the series, especially with the recent success of their other downloadable releases Mega Man 9 and 10. Although all thanks to some early previews for the game we never actually got to see this creation come to life. The first reviews for the preview remarked at how unremarkable the art style was and how even more unresponsive the controls were for it. This combined with the Mega Man creator leaving Capcom in 2010 all spelled terrible news for the completion of the game. They did there best to say that everything was fine, but by 2011 the team finally called it quits and not too many people even remember.

#2. Star Fox 2

#9 Star Fox 2 This action game co-developed by Nintendo and Argonaut Software was intended to be the sequel of the first Star Fox meant for the SNES. Much like the first game, Star Fox 2 was trying to push the boundaries of what was possible for graphical capabilities at the time. Initially, the plan was to release the game in 1995, but due to some growing concerns over its primitive 16-bit 3D visuals, the game was canceled by Nintendo. It really was just poor timing because as they were trying to do the best with what they had, other competitors were already ten steps ahead. Video games had been moving from 16-bit to 32-bit hardware and Nintendo just feared that their product wasn't going to measure up whatsoever. The really sad part about this forgotten game is that the game was actually completed when they pulled the plug. Then to add salt to their wounds Nintendo essentially used all of the code from that game to produce Star Fox 64 without paying Argonaut a single penny.

#3. StarCraft Ghost

StarCraft Ghost This unreleased game was a military science fiction stealth-action video game that was previously being developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In the game, you would play as this sort of psychic spy named Nova in the years following the Starcraft Brood War expansion. It was their attempt at trying to find a way to create games that revolved around a connected universe. However thanks to many delays in its development and Nihilistic Software passing everything over to Swingin Ape Studios the game never got to see the light of day. Blizzard was mainly holding onto this project because they wanted to do their research first into what the seventh generation of video game consoles would bring to the table. Although come 2014, a full 12 years since its announcement the Blizzard CEO confirmed that the project was dead.

#4. Rainbow Six Patriots

Rainbow Six Patriots This canceled first-person shooter was part of the Tom Clancys Rainbow Six series originally announced back in November of 2011. In the game, Team Rainbow is brought to New York City to fight off a new terrorist group called the True Patriots. This militia group had decided to act as the judge, jury, and executioner for the victims of what they saw as Wall Street corruption. The game got off to a rocky start when Ubisoft had discovered that someone may have leaked their gameplay footage. Trying to get one step ahead of it they chose to prematurely release a trailer for the game. The trailer though was only able to show their pre-rendered concept that was created the previous year, so it really only showed off what the game could look like rather than actual footage. Then come 2012 everything started to fall apart. Their creative director, their narrative director, the lead designer, and their animation director were all removed from the development team. In May of 2013, there had been little to no updates on the progress of the game until it was announced that GameStop had removed Patriots from their database and canceled all pre-orders. While this game may have been scrapped though they did use much of it for what would become Rainbow Six Siege.

#5 Thrill Kill

Thrill Kill This unreleased title was a 1998 fighting game intended for the Sony Playstation. Its prime selling point was that you would be able to fight with 4 players simultaneously. However much of the game's positive notes were quickly overshadowed by the looming controversy around its intense violence and sexual content. Game mechanics such as limb dismemberment and crudely named special attacks then became the focus of every critic out there. In fact, it was so gruesome that the ESRB rated it AO which stands for an Adult Only rating. In comes, gaming giant EA though who bought up a bunch of titles and wasted no time in killing the project stating that it was senselessly violent. Later on, in 2004 the Official US Playstation Magazine also took shots at the game naming it one of the most overrated canceled games. The best quote by far in that article was when they said - It got lots of hype, but it really sucked too. Apparently it couldn't have sucked that much because the Thrill Kill engine was used in a number of other games following there's being canceled.

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