Review Of The IPhone 11 Pro.

Review Of The IPhone 11 Pro.

Welcome to the review of the iPhone 11 Pro. right off the bat, I don't really agree with the names. I don't think there's enough pro about these phones. that could have been to warrant putting the pro in the name. but the names don't really matter. what does matter is these are the highest-end phones that Apple makes right now in 2019. the truth is these are mostly pretty familiar phones to last year which was also pretty familiar to the year. before but you already knew that what's new is Apple's really focused on four major things for this new iPhone. so the design barely the new display slight upgrade the battery life major and these new cameras. so the design does grow on you not gonna lie we saw those renders and the models and nobody thought they were pretty including me. but as usual getting them in your hand and actually looking at them in person is a different thing and it doesn't look horrible.

I love the new matte finish I think that helps a lot the way it looks the way it feels. even if it is technically a little bit slippery than glossy. I will take a matte option in any phone every time the camera square is a weird looking part. I'm just happy we got memes out of it and it's funny. for whatever reason the camera square looks indented even though it's sticking out. it's all cut from one piece of glass and it's kind of like this weird optical illusion I guess. but this is the design that Apple is crafted for the iPhone 11 pro camera bumps in a camera square and yes it rocks slightly when it's on a table. Apple does say that this is quote the toughest glass in any smartphone I'm not gonna test that. but let's be real glass is glass so you definitely want to protect it or at least try not to drop it it probably still will shatter.

But the good news is it doesn't seem to scratch as much as the pixel 3 is a matte black glass. that this reminded me of so the matte finish and the camera layout are the only really new things back here with the design. if it comes down to it if you don't want to have to think about it anymore or just want to avoid any chance of fingerprints or scratches. you can grab a grip from our channel sponsor brand and this matte black robot skin on it is actually. a limited edition thing so link below if you want to check that out but around the front of the phone it's gonna look like almost exactly the same thing as last year same screen sizes and resolutions same notch same bezels literally you could put it next to lasya stone and you might have a hard time telling which ones which. this is the new one here so this is what's actually different apples said they've improved face ID to be up to 30% faster in the same space and work at a larger variety of angles.

I can vouch for a tiny bit faster. and you'll only really notice this if they're side by side with the old phone. but you know what I'll take that improvement anyway because it's for security and that's better. than nothing but the variety of angles thing I don't know about you but when I read that I was hoping that meant it could sit on a table in front of you and still read and unlock your face like it couldn't before. but it still doesn't do that unfortunately. you still got to do that lean onto whatever service the phone is on to unlock it so I've noticed honestly no improvement here in the angles that's basically the same Oh than that the buttons are very very slightly lower on each phone. I don't know if anyone else has shown that but that's true.

I guess maybe it's a little easier to reach and they've also upgraded the water resistance a bit. it's still IP 68 certified and this phone is very slightly thicker and heavier. I didn't really notice the thickness but I did notice the weight especially in the Promax this big phone is 20 grams heavier than last year. and I could tell it's a bit of a chunker. but you know what that's perfectly fine. because battery life is back to being excellent on this phone as a result. this is also achieved by getting rid of 3d touch so r.i.p Apple watch is really the only new Apple product. now with 3d touch shipping in it but by getting rid of that pressure-sensitive display hardware that's allowed more space in the phone for a bigger battery. it's true the tear downs have shown it the battery is bigger. so that's why the battery difference from the 10 R to the 11 was one hour that's just a 13 Bionic improvements. but the improvement from the 10 s to the 11 Pro was four hours. because getting rid of that 3d touch Hardware has left room for more bigger batteries.

I don't know if I can measure that four to five hour claim. but from my experience battery life has been excellent I'm getting you know my use of super high brightness. high-end everything on all the time. I'm getting seven to eight hours of screen on time and full day of battery. pretty much every day on this phone so that's really impressive you can probably kill. it in a day but you'd have to really try now back to that display for a second. I mentioned they got rid of 3d touch this has been mostly replaced by haptic touch. which is essentially long presses that bring back almost all the functionality from 3d pressing. it's not quite as good as the peak and pop was but I hardly use that..
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